Polar Talks

The Polar Music Prize proudly presents Polar Talks, an international conference joining forces between music and creativity. Artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, politicians and innovators are brought together for talks, lectures and master classes to connect the creative strengths in music with the impact of technical and social opportunities.

Polar Talks aims to find solutions to tomorrow’s social and creative challenges through the power of music.

Polar Talks usually presents live interviews with the Laureates of that year, in addition to the talks and lectures.

The latest edition of Polar Talks was held at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm in June 2019. Due to the covid-19-pandemic, Polar Talks 2020 and 2021 were cancelled.

Interviews and panels from Polar Talks throughout the years are available in our archives below.

We are now looking forward to 2022, stay tuned!

Previous years

Watch the previous Talks

We have gathered all the Talks from 2010 and onwards, including the Meet The Laureates interviews. Enjoy!

Watch the Talks

Polar Talks 2011Meet the Laureate: Patti Smith
Polar Talks 2012Voices from Polar Talks
Polar Talks 2013Studio Timbuktu
Polar Talks 2016Alive Inside
Polar Talks 2016Is music education for all a right or a privilege?
Polar Talks 2018Meet the Laureate: Lars Ulrich (Metallica)