The Polar Music Prize stands with Ukraine

March 2, 2022

Dear fellow supporters and friends of the Polar Music Prize,

We need to stress that the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine is unacceptable and a severe violation of international law. We, the Polar Music Prize, condemn this most robustly.

We have been presenting the Polar Music Prize for 30 years to honour exceptional achievements in music. The first prize was handed out in 1992. The world has changed over this period. Looking back at the list of Laureates, we are immensely proud of them as they represent global musical excellence.

The recent invasion of Ukraine has seen an independent democratic European country attacked for the first time since 1939. We take a firm stand and condemn these actions in the strongest terms.

The Polar Music Prize encourages everyone with the power to influence, including our previous Laureates, to take a clear stand and condemn this unprovoked invasion and violation of international law. We urge the leadership of Russia to cease all military actions and move their troops out of Ukraine.

The Polar Music Prize Board and Award Committee.