The Polar Music Prize Podcast is out now!

The Podcast

A series of in-depth interviews featuring outstanding achievers and tastemakers within the world of music.

Music is arguably our most effective vessel for evoking spirituality, calm, bliss, love
and anger. It has served as a unifying and healing force throughout history,
binding cultures, ethnicities and social classes together.
The Polar Music Prize has spent the last thirty years shining a light on diverse expressions of music, during which time the industry has experienced dramatic changes.
Changes this podcast aims to dissect and explain to the listener.

What does the future of music look like? How will we consume music going forward? What happens in our brain when we listen to music - and what role has music played in ushering in social change over the course of history?

The ambition of this series will be to answer these questions by picking the brains of some of the leading experts on these subjects today.

The Guests

Amanda Bergman - Songwriter and lead vocalist in the award-winning band Amason.
Episode available now.

Nick Holmsten – Founder of playlist app Tunigo and former Head of Music at Spotify.
Episode available now.

Fredrik Ullén - Classical pianist and professor of cognitive neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet.
Episode available now.

Jan Gradvall - One of Swedens finest music journalists for the past 30 years. Episode available now.

Cedwin Sandanam - Leader of legendary Tensta Gospel Choir from Stockholm.
Out October 22

Patrick Woodroffe - Lighting designer and creative director for bands like The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Adele, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Genesis and many more.
Out October 29

Marie Ledin - General Director for Polar Music Prize.
Out November 5

The Host

The host for the Polar Music Prize Podcast is Nicholas Bonde, writer and journalist based in Stockholm. He has a bachelor’s degree in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music.

Listen here!