Musikaliska Kvarteret in Stockholm

We are honoured and delighted to announce the spectacular line-up for the 2022 Polar Talks. The aim of Polar Talks is to bring together, in lively and thought-provoking discussion, leading figures from different worlds, be they musicians, artists, entrepeneurs, innovators, social activists and politicians. This year we bring together the head of one of the world’s biggest music on-line platforms, the most successful songwriter of her generation, an inspirational and courageous founder of a music school in Afghanistan and two world leading innovators in contemporary classical music.



Lyor Cohen

Global Head of Music, YouTube and Google.

Interviewed by: Jan Gradvall, culture journalist


Diane Warren

Grammy-winning, 13-times Academy Award nominated, songwriter and 2020 Polar Music Prize Laureate.

Interviewed by: Jan Gradvall, culture journalist


Dr Ahmad Sarmast

Founder and Director of the Afghanistan National Institute of Music and 2018 Polar Music Prize Laureate. Dr Sarmast will speak about ANIM’s closure by the Taliban and its evacuation to Lisbon via Doha.

Interviewed by: Terese Cristiansson, TV4. Terese was on the evacuation flight from Doha to Lisbon.


Matthias Pintscher and Olivier Leymarie

Matthias Pintscher, conductor and musical director, and Olivier Leymarie, managing director of 2022 Polar Music Prize Laureate Ensemble intercontemporain.

Interviewed by: Stefan Forsberg, managing director of the Stockholm Concert Hall.