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Polar Talks deploys the unique talents and diverse knowledge of the guests gathered in Stockholm for the annual Polar Music Prize ceremony. In a series of thought-provoking lectures and panel discussions our speakers range across cutting-edge topics in technology and latest trends within music and creativity.

Polar Talks will be held Monday 8 June 13.00 – 18.30 at Filmstaden Sergel, Hötorget, Stockholm.
Polar Talks is free of charge, tickets are sold out.

Master of Ceremonies is Alfons Karabuda, chairman of the Polar Music Prize Committee, composer and chairman of the Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers & Authors.


13.00 - 15.00 Music, from science to revolution

Polar Talks celebrates the Power of Music. In a series of talks we will discuss the myraid ways that music can inspire, transform and breakdown boundaries.

Music can be simultaneously entertainment for the masses, a personal soundtrack to your life and even a tool for overthrowing a totalitarian regime. Ian Smith, musician, President of the European Music Council, Zany Lou (Serengeti), artist, songwriter, producer and DJ and Head of Music at Creative Scotland and Ramy Essam, ”the Voice of the Egyptian Revolution” will discuss this with Alfons Karabuda.

Professor of Integrative Medicine at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience Martin Ingvar and composer Carin Bartosch Edström will discuss the beauty of music. What is beautiful music and what is noise? Why do we respond so differently to music?

Frederick Rousseau of IRCAM and the Institute for Music/Acoustic Research & Coordination will talk about technological innovation in music. Rousseau is a pioneer of electronic music, and of the application of technology to entertainment. In a 40 year career, his collaborations include working with music greats such as Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre.

15.00 - 17.00 Sweden's creative industries

Monocle, the global affairs and lifestyle magazine, has reported that Stockholm is one of the top creative cities in the world and displays a vibrant urban scene with a vital community of creatives from artists to fashion designers. At Polar Talks we will give you an insiders look into the creative industries that have placed Stockholm on the world map.

Alfons Karabuda will talk to Mikael Damberg, Minister for Enterprise and Innovation.

Susanne Ljung, journalist and host of Stil in SR P1 will together with Margareta van den Bosch, H&M, Roland Hjort, Whyred, Ann-Sofie Back, BACK and Lena Patriksson Keller, Association of Swedish Fashion Brands, discuss the Swedish fashion industry and its success abroad.

There is no longer ”just” a film score, it could be a computer game score or a score for a commercial. Alfons Karabuda will talk to Johan Söderqvist, composer and Per Strömbäck, spokesperson of the Swedish Games Industry, Elvira Björkman, music composer & sound designer på Rovio Entertainment Ltd. and Stefan Strandberg, Creative Director at DICE, about the growing multi-media applications for music.

Linda Portnoff, Musiksverige, will ask questions about what makes Sweden so successful when it comes to music? What is the international view on the Swedish music phenomenon? The panel includes Fred Bronson, Billboard journalist and author, John Seabrook, author and writer for The New Yorker and Phil Manzanera, guitarist, producer and member of Roxy Music.

17.00 - 18.30 Meet the Laureates

Journalist Jan Gradvall will interview Polar Music Prize Laureate Emmylou Harris.

Spoken word tribute by Niklas Mesaros.

Polar Music Prize Laureate Dame Evelyn Glennie  will give her lecture ”How to truly listen”.

Evelyn Glennie photo credit Jim Callaghen
Evelyn Glennie Photo © Jim Callaghan
Emmylou Harris
Emmylou Harris Photo © Veronique Rolland
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Register to Polar Talks

Polar Talks is free of charge, tickets are limited. You choose one or more parts of Polar Talks that you would like to attend. You will receive an e-mail confirming your reservation. This e-mail is your ticket, please bring it to the event printed or in your phone.

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Music during Polar Talks by Students from Ingesund School of Music, Karlstad University.

Polar Talks are organized by the Polar Music Prize with kind support from Postkodlotteriet and Stockholm Stad.

Special thanks to SF Bio, Dagens Industri, SIMBA and Musikindustrin.