Quincy Jones’ unique talents as a multi-cultural catalyst are rooted in an unshakeable love for the blues music of black people. His career, spanning nearly half a century, has been one continuous voyage of discovery through ever-new landscapes of rhythm and sound.

Quincy Jones is the divinely talented arranger who, with his blend of curiosity, stylistic assurance and ingenuity, helped artists like Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughan and Frank Sinatra to rise to new heights.
He is the man behind such captivating compositions as The Midnight Sun Never Sets and the man whose idiosyncratic film music in the hectic 1960s renewed the musical palette of the Hollywood directors.
When the implements of electronic music came on the scene, Quincy Jones opened the way to a completely new world of sound. He was the visionary who could capture the great public, creating Thriller, a record-breaking success, for Michael Jackson, but also that universal sing-along favourite We Are The World, which became a worldwide measure of humanitarian aid under the banner of music.

Few music creators can rival Quincy Jones’ capacity for amalgamating the Afro-American cultural heritage of jazz with the popular music of our own time.

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