Recordings like Groovin’ High, 52nd Street Theme, Night in Tunisia, Anthropology and Good Bait, for example, not only arouse nostalgic memories on the part of those who were there when trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie and alto saxophonist Charlie Parker suddenly stood there on stage, playing a new kind of music – Bebop – to an astounded worldwide audience; they are still a living part of our cultural heritage. One of Dizzy Gillespie´s earliest records was entitled Things to Come, and no title could more succinctly express what, by then, he had already come to symbolise. He continued the development of jazz, guiding it into exciting and fruitful paths which were to inspire jazz musicians the world over.

For more than fifty years now like the brilliant artist he was, Dizzy Gillespie has been bringing jazz to life – imaginatively, impudently and with a high standard of artistry – with a relevance and an “up-to-dateness” which unfailingly transcend the boundaries between generations.

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