His authority in rock music is unshakeable. For two decades now he has been one of the most colourful personalities at the very centre of the genre, and he is an uncompromising steward of the essential qualities of rock: its heavy beat and “groovy” sound – a harsh sometimes crude but at the same time spiritual sound ideal rooted in black rhythm and blues. In his lyrics he focuses on the little man’s winding path through life with a certain melancholy and profound compassion.

In a world of music where styles are fluctuating all the time, Bruce Springsteen stands with both feet firmly planted on the ground of rock’n'roll. Although his records have sold in vast quantities, the live concert remains his natural medium.

Bruce Springsteen, with his social pathos, is also a singer of the people, a modern “bard”. He stands up straight and hits hard, but he does so with discretion and not without tenderness.

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