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Polar Talks, presented by The Polar Music Prize, is an international series of inspiring talks and lectures on cutting edge topics. Artists, scientists, creatives and opinion makers coalesce around the central theme of ”The Power of Music”. The not-to-be-missed talks focus on some of the myriad ways that music can produce powerful outcomes across a range of social, artistic and scientific disciplines.

The Polar Talks 2017, will discuss many of the challenges confronting us all: diversity, equality, freedom of speech and globalization, and how meeting these challenges in a positive and innovative way, can shape a bright future for the many not the few. The invited speakers have come together for Polar Talks and will deliver exciting, sometimes provocative but always thought-provoking sessions, they are experts across a broad spectrum; such as gender equality, politics, digital design, advanced music technology, psychoacoustics and soundbranding. 


To understand the future the past needs to revisited, Lisa Lindström, CEO at Doberman, returns for a follow up on the panel she moderated at last year’s Talks on the connection between music and leadership. Professor Gunnar Bjursell will join Lisa with an update on international research within the connection between music and memory, discussed last year as well with the presence of the team behind the powerful documentary Alive Inside.

Claire Singers, gender diversity consultant, executive coach and PR-strategist, will lead a session on gender diversity, to highlight proven successful routes to achieve a gender-balanced workforce, together with Aniela Unguresan, founder of EDGE and Ulrika Biesèrt, Global HR manager at IKEA.

John Groves, Sound consultant, will present the latest within psychoacoustics; the scientific study of sound perception, and the concept of soundbranding.

Frederick Rousseau, composer, musician and head of research valorisation at IRCAM (Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music) in Paris will present the tools of the future for music making.

Alfons Karabuda, Chairman of the Polar Music Prize Committee and Master of Ceremonies during the day, will also discuss the new collaboration between The Polar Music Prize and the International Music Council (IMC) for a diverse selection of future Polar Music Prize Laureates with Silja Fischer, Secretary General of the IMC.

Throughout the day, Polar Talks is proud to present live music performed by students from Musikhögskolan Ingesund/University of Karlstad.


12.30:  Doors open to the Hörsalen lobby, where there is coffee, snacks, and live music
13.00 – 16.00: Polar Talks 2017

The complete programme and detailed information about the speakers and the Talks are on the Polar Talks website. Tickets for Polar Talks cost 100 SEK and are on sale via Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.

All talks, panel discussions and interviews will be held in English.


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